How to Install Major Security Fixes on Mac and iOS Devices

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Have you ever imagined that what will be your reaction, if your device gets infected with harmful threats just because you’ve missed an import update? If no then you might be installing all important updates on time. Installing security updates are one of the most important sections of PC maintenance and it requires a lot of attention for doing so. So, if you have iOS and OS X devices, then it is recommended to install all the latest updates as soon as they are made available by the manufacturer. Security updates add an extra layer of security to your devices and network therefore you must ensure that you have not missed out any.

According to a study by the online advertising network Chitika, released at the end of February 2014, only 25.9% of the Apple users have updated their OS with a bug fix that was recently released by the company. The security fix is essential for all the Apple device users as it prevents third parties from intercepting and fiddling with activities on your iOS device(s). It is very important to bring in notice of users who hasn’t installed it yet, that without it your system does not check SSL/TLS hostnames of the websites that you connect to. Hence, the network to which you’ve connected your devices will not be encrypted and are left wide open.

Read the entire article below to know the numerous risks associated with avoiding the installation of such updates and learn how to install the recent security fixes.

Why security updates are important?

Every time that little icon appears in the system tray or on the corner of the taskbar in your PC, you might feel irritated because it portrays that there's a latest update available for your device. Your reaction is predictable as you might think that do you really have to install it? This is the most common reaction from users as installing an update may slow down your system or ask for a reboot. Updating your operating system (OS) is a part of a periodic PC maintenance that could actually improve the lifespan of your device. Some of the major reasons behind installing updates on your computer are:

  • Provides an extra security shield
  • Makes your device ready to fight with the latest malware trends
  • Boost up performance
  • Avoids frequent crashes or breakdowns
  • Helps in reducing lags or hanging issues

How to install this security update on your iOS devices?

You should immediately install this latest security fix by Apple Inc. on all your iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod and other touch devices. By now, you must have received a pop-up notification on your phone or device, alerting you about the latest update available for the system. It might be possible that you’ve either ignored it or haven’t received it yet, so follow the below mentioned steps to find it out:

Step 1. Go to Settings > General > Software Update.

Step 2. Users running iOS 7 devices will see the 7.0.6 update and an iOS 6 user will see the iOS 6.1.6 update. Tap on the ‘Install Now’ button to get the update.

Step 3. On successfully receiving the command, the device will start downloading the update and will automatically install it on the device.

Step 4. Once your device gets updated, the ‘Software Update’ screen will indicate the message ‘Your software is up to date’ for confirming the same.

How to install security update on your Mac OS X Mavericks iOS?

Mac OS X Mavericks iOS system is also affected by this security loophole that allows ‘an attacker’ to capture or modify data transferred with Safari, Mail, iCloud and other Apple-created applications. On Mavericks, you can easily install all the system updates using the Mac App Store, but this update cannot be found by launching the system update. Instead, you have to open the Mac menu (using the Apple logo), and then click on the ‘Software Update’ button to find one. Once the Mac App Store will be launched, then look for the system update and updates for the other apps as well. Click on the ‘Update All’ button to install updates for all the software, including apps.

Once installed properly, security software acts as an extra shield of security for all your software as well as hardware components. Virus authors, hackers, malware authors and other malicious agents are constantly coming up with new techniques to attack your PC and steal vital and sensitive data for their personal benefits. Viruses are capable of jamming system resources, infect your data, or even reformat your hard drive and leave you worried and frustrated. Software makers understand the need of developing and delivering essential program updates for ensuring that their products remain genuine and free from infections. Therefore, always install the latest updates to your devices and enjoy uninterrupted browsing, productive, gaming and entertainment experience!

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How to Install Major Security Fixes on Mac and iOS Devices

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How to Install Major Security Fixes on Mac and iOS Devices

This article was published on 2014/05/09