Why You Should Get a Bluetooth Headset

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The Bluetooth headset has gotten a bad rep in recent times because of the type of people that use them. You know the type of people that I’m talking about. They wear Armani suits, browse the aisles at your local fish market looking for caviar, they eat all organic and at only the most expensive of restaurants. These people are either very important, or feel like they are very important or maybe they just act like it. The fact is though there has been established a certain trend amongst the wearers of the Bluetooth headset and it makes people wary to buy one.


Well the truth is, you don’t have to be the CEO of a major corporation or a big shot businessman in order to get one for yourself. All you really have to get is a hundred dollars or so. You might be scared off after the one hundred dollar price tag, but I say you should get one hundred dollars for a reason. It really is hard to find a Bluetooth headset that is that expensive unless you’re purposely shopping at the most expensive of stores, but if you’re strapped for cash then why would you be doing that? The hundred dollars should be enough to cover any style size or quality that you can imagine within reason. Anything more than one hundred dollars and you’re paying too much.


If you do happen to have the money to throw down a few hundred dollars on a headset then my advice would be not to take it. Yes, it does sound tempting, but there is still a negative stigma associated with it and you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars just to fit into that same social group which you hate so much. In addition to that, you can only pay so much before the benefits you’re paying for are egregiously outweighed by the price tag. Do you really need the most crystal clear reception for two hundred more dollars when you can’t even tell the difference between the five dollar version and the two hundred dollar version? It doesn’t make sense.


The best benefit of the Bluetooth headset is the fact that it is hands free and this seems to be why most users enjoy it so much. You just plug it into whatever device you choose and then put it up to your ear and there you have it, it works. Some of the devices might have a little more complicated instruction than that, but not the most complicated you can imagine. They don’t get very complicated to be honest because the more expensive they get, the more simplistically looking they get and this is for the benefit of the consumer and the user. People don’t want something that is going to confuse them; they just want something they can use.


All in all you will find if you choose to buy one, that the Bluetooth headset will be one of the best purchases you ever made. I just bet that you can’t think of a single reason not to get one outside of the negative stigma. And if you let a stigma get to you then it’s just as bad as letting the bullies win. Get one today and you won’t regret it.

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Why You Should Get a Bluetooth Headset

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Why You Should Get a Bluetooth Headset

This article was published on 2011/01/21